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Nice to meet you.

I'm Joy, founder of Virtual Joy and your very own second pair of hands. 

Helping others has always been at the core of my being so venturing into the virtual world to offer support to businesses around the world has brought me absolute joy. 

The virtual world is now locked down to a laptop, phone or Ipad making it easy for businesses around the world to grow tremendously and I would love to be part of that growth. 

Given the opportunity to work with you, I want to be that person to save you that time and help show off what you have to offer. And I can promise I’ll do it with just as much passion, compassion, and dedication as you have for your brand!

I can’t wait to connect with you and help you achieve your business dreams! 

Virtual Help...? I got you!

What's the main reason for having content on social media? Having a strong voice. That voice is not just something you share, but rather something that people recognize as yours. Let me help you out with small tasks like copywriting or editing your bio, to larger ones like planning viral events or coming up with reasons to spend time online.

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My Favorite Experiences


Ferris Wheel..any day, anytime


Relaxing by the pool because I can't actually swim..LOL


Everything good food


The beauty of Diani during the day


The calmness of the ocean during the night


Any occasion that requires dress up

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